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Yes. That’s exactly what this is.  My dog was intrigued when I started watching a video on Facebook of my cousin playing with his dog with a squeaky toy.  So I decided to make a video of him too.  Yay!

My next ask? A video of my dog watching this video of himself watching a video.


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So I’ve been pretty busy and I’ve got a few Creative Projects to get caught up on.  I’ve still been making a creative project each week as part of my New Year’s Resolution–52 Creative Projects in 2011, just haven’t gotten around to posting them here.  Last week, for Creative Project #19, I made a silent film starring my awesome dog Shechi.  Thanks to being posted on some Latvian site called ASS.lv (nice, right!?) my video has gotten over 1,000 views in the first week.  Thanks, Ass!  Yay!  Check out the video below.

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For my eighth project of 2011 I decided to make a video of my dog.  The other day he was lying on the floor and all of the sudden his ears just started shaking and wouldn’t stop, so I grabbed my camera.  Here is the result.  Enjoy!  Oh, and how cute is he?!

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For 2011 I have made it my business to be more creative. To that end, my resolution for the year is to do one creative project each week, for a total of 52 creative projects this year.  I’ll be posting about all my projects on Tumblr and Twitter and some of them here as well.  If you’ve got any ideas for creative projects, by the way, feel free to share them with me in the comments.

The first project? A knitted neck warmer, modeled here by my dog Shechi.  How do you like it?


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shechi_lobster1I want to prerequisite this by saying that I hate when people dress up their dogs.  Dogs have fur, they don’t need anything else.  Once I saw someone with a greyhound in a fur coat and suade booties, which is just ridiculous!

However, when I heard that Target had a lobster dog costume for Halloween I HAD to get one for my dog, Shechi, at the risk of terribly contradicting my beliefs about dogs in clothes.  I literally put it on him for 30 seconds– just long enough to take a couple of pictures.  You’ll never see me parading him around the street like this, but doesn’t he look hilarious?


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elvis_lipMy dog Shechi, aside from being the cutest dog in the world, also does an amazing Elvis impression.  He has mastered the “Elvis lip curl”, he has beautiful eyes just like The King, and if I had a pair of blue seude shoes I’m sure he’d rip ’em to shreds before you could count to one-two-three o’clock, four o’clock rock.  🙂

Anyhoozle, here are some pictures.  As you can see, he practices a lot– even when he’s asleep!  And if you’re looking for an Elvis impersonator for your next event, don’t hesitate to give me a call.  Shechi does parties!


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If you weren’t already aware, I am totally obsessed with my dog.  His name is Shechi and he is the best!

His name, Shechi is part of the Hebrew word for armpit, “Beit Shechi.”  I named him Shechi because when I got him he stuck his head in my armpit and in my boyfriend’s armpit and so there was really no other name to give him!  About 50% of people think it’s a cute name and the other 50% think it’s disgusting, but I don’t care.  I think it’s just swell.

In any case, today I was bored so I made a video of Shechi so that you can see him in action.  If nothing else, it will brighten up your day.  Enjoy!

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