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This week I wasn’t sure what my creative project would be until I accidentally took two pictures in a row of my dog that made it look like he was winking.  It inspired me to make some stop motion animations with random stuff I found around the house.  I didn’t have a whole lot of spare time, which is why it’s pretty short.  But here it is!


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For my creative project last week I decided to make earrings out of buttons and apparently I had os much fun with it that I totally forgot to write a blog post about it.  Here it is, a little late but with just as much love!

Basically, I headed to a really cool button store in Tel Aviv that was literally packed with stacks and stacks of boxes of buttons of all colors, shapes and forms (for those of you in TLV, the store was off Nachalat Binyamin on Ha Shomer, next to Shuk HaCarmel). I also went to a bead store by my house to buy earring backs, hooks and some little metal loops to hook the earrings together with (sorry I don’t know the technical term for those things) and I bought some super glue.  I came home and started gluing the backs on the buttons, attaching the hooks, and looping the buttons together to make earrings.  For buttons that had thread holes on the back, I melted the extra chunks of plastic off with a lighter and then filed them down with an emory board.

Here are my results!  You can see more on my Flickr photoset here.


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