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As not to bore you all to death with my recent obsession with crochet, here is a new stop motion animation!

Actually, it’s not so new… I made it nearly a year ago but just noticed that I never posted it anywhere, so here goes!  Hope you like it!

I made it with a bunch of tea candles and got a bunch of wax all over the floor in the process.  Don’t tell my landlord 🙂


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So I’ve made a second wallet and I’ve already started on a third– crochet is definitely addictive!  I like it because you can do it while you watch TV, ride on the bus, sit and stare at the wall… it’s the lazy-man’s hobby 🙂

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So I’m still crocheting away!

I just made this beeee-oootiful crochet wallet for Bob Yarny McHook to carry all his change around in.

After I made it he told me that he actually doesn’t have any change because he is made of yarn, never leaves the house and has nothing to buy.  I guess I’m okay with that.  I can use it to carry around my change.

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