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For those of you who are familiar with my previous blog I have some good news:  “Toilet Humor Tuesday did not die with 365 Video Blog!!”

Toby the Toilet and Tina trash live on and they will be joining us all for a visit and some laughs on Tuesdays right here on Beware the Loquat.  For those of you who are not familiar with Toilet Humor Tuesday, it is the exciting day when my toilet, Toby, and his sidekick, Tina Trash, tell jokes.  Here are the first 2 videos that I posted for Toilet Humor Tuesday on 365 Video Blog.  For those of you who have already seen them there will be brand new videos on special Tuesdays, starting soon– Hooray!

If you’ve got a joke that you’d like to hear Toby and Tina tell feel free to share it with me at bewaretheloquat [at] gmail [dot] com!


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