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I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for my second creative project of 2011 until a leaky ceiling filled my fuse box with water and left me without electricity for two days.  Flashlightless, I resorted to seeing by candlelight and I couldn’t help but notice how even my dog was mesmerized by the jumping flames.  Fire is beautiful, and I think pretty much everyone can agree on that, so I decided for my second creative project this year I would try to capture it on (digital) film.


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As not to bore you all to death with my recent obsession with crochet, here is a new stop motion animation!

Actually, it’s not so new… I made it nearly a year ago but just noticed that I never posted it anywhere, so here goes!  Hope you like it!

I made it with a bunch of tea candles and got a bunch of wax all over the floor in the process.  Don’t tell my landlord 🙂

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