Over the weekend I was randomly struck with the recollection that back in 1992, as a 10-year old, I had created a time capsule for my 30-year old self.  After a day of searching and finding all kinds of wacky stuff in the process, I finally found my time capsule in a back corner of my mom’s storage space.  What was in it?  Well all sorts of awesome stuff, of course (at least, stuff I thought was awesome when I was 10)!

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Earlier today I found an old hard drive with over 10 years worth of random stuff on it, including a bunch of old stories I wrote.  I thought I’d share some of them here, starting with this one–Finneus Flubb’s Amazing Melon Stand.  I wrote this one in March of 2004.

There once was a boy named Finneus Flubb who swallowed a watermelon seed and so, of course, a watermelon vine grew in his stomach and up and out through his ears and nose.  Instead of being alarmed when great strands of leafy green stuff, laden with bulbous melons, began to protrude from his face, Finneus dragged a card table and a knife to the side of the road where he started selling watermelon slices at twenty cents a pop and soon made a fortune.
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Yes. That’s exactly what this is.  My dog was intrigued when I started watching a video on Facebook of my cousin playing with his dog with a squeaky toy.  So I decided to make a video of him too.  Yay!

My next ask? A video of my dog watching this video of himself watching a video.

For years I have salivated over the business card designs on Moo.com so when I heard at the beginning of this month that they had integrated with Facebook on a new Facebook Timeline-inspired design and were giving cards away for FREE I jumped at the chance.  I ordered my free 50-card sample and it arrived in my mailbox here in Israel earlier this week.

The cards are nothing short of awesome.  They feature my profile picture, some of my favorite ‘cover pictures’ that I’ve uploaded to Facebook, a fun quote on the back and, of course, my contact details.  I can’t wait to start giving them away!

These super cool Facebook Cards from Moo are still free for a limited time (though you’ll have to pay for shipping and handling).  Find out more at http://www.moo.com/facebook-cards.


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be interviewed on The Pulse Network’s Follow Friday with the wonderful Maggie Rulli.  We talked about what makes a video “viral”, as well as about my video work, my 52 Creative Projects in 2011, and Celebveggies.  Click here to check out the interview. 🙂

So for my creative project this week I decided to do something a little different and teach myself a magic trick.  Well, I don’t know if you could call it “magic” actually, but it is a trick. 🙂  I learned how to fold money so that it looks like the portrait on the bill is smiling and frowning.  I learned how to do it from a fun YouTube video called ‘Top 10 quirky science tricks for parties.’  Check out my rendition in the video below.

For my 21st Creative Project of 2011 I started a new project–Celebveggies!  “What are Celebveggies?” you may ask.  Well, they are all of your favorite celebrities, veggified!  I’m basically illustrating celebrities as vegetables.  So far I’ve done Elvis Parsley, Okra Winfrey and Cornan O’Brien.  Check ’em all out at Celebveggies.tumblr.com.  Oh, and tell me who I should veggify next!