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Over the weekend I was randomly struck with the recollection that back in 1992, as a 10-year old, I had created a time capsule for my 30-year old self.  After a day of searching and finding all kinds of wacky stuff in the process, I finally found my time capsule in a back corner of my mom’s storage space.  What was in it?  Well all sorts of awesome stuff, of course (at least, stuff I thought was awesome when I was 10)!



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For years I have salivated over the business card designs on Moo.com so when I heard at the beginning of this month that they had integrated with Facebook on a new Facebook Timeline-inspired design and were giving cards away for FREE I jumped at the chance.  I ordered my free 50-card sample and it arrived in my mailbox here in Israel earlier this week.

The cards are nothing short of awesome.  They feature my profile picture, some of my favorite ‘cover pictures’ that I’ve uploaded to Facebook, a fun quote on the back and, of course, my contact details.  I can’t wait to start giving them away!

These super cool Facebook Cards from Moo are still free for a limited time (though you’ll have to pay for shipping and handling).  Find out more at http://www.moo.com/facebook-cards.


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For my 21st Creative Project of 2011 I started a new project–Celebveggies!  “What are Celebveggies?” you may ask.  Well, they are all of your favorite celebrities, veggified!  I’m basically illustrating celebrities as vegetables.  So far I’ve done Elvis Parsley, Okra Winfrey and Cornan O’Brien.  Check ’em all out at Celebveggies.tumblr.com.  Oh, and tell me who I should veggify next!

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In Tel Aviv, where I live, a man appeared a few months ago who claims he is the Messiah.  He sits in the middle of Central Tel Aviv, near the crossing of Allenby, Nachalat Binyamina and Shuk HaCarmel, and talks to people about the end of the world.  He also drinks beer, smokes cigarettes and chats on the phone– all things that just make it so hard to deny that this guy really is the Messiah!

The other night he was playing a game of frisbee with some of his “followers”.  I made a video.  Check it out, Jesus is a pretty awesome frisbee player.  Who woulda thunk it?

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shechi_lobster1I want to prerequisite this by saying that I hate when people dress up their dogs.  Dogs have fur, they don’t need anything else.  Once I saw someone with a greyhound in a fur coat and suade booties, which is just ridiculous!

However, when I heard that Target had a lobster dog costume for Halloween I HAD to get one for my dog, Shechi, at the risk of terribly contradicting my beliefs about dogs in clothes.  I literally put it on him for 30 seconds– just long enough to take a couple of pictures.  You’ll never see me parading him around the street like this, but doesn’t he look hilarious?


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elvis_lipMy dog Shechi, aside from being the cutest dog in the world, also does an amazing Elvis impression.  He has mastered the “Elvis lip curl”, he has beautiful eyes just like The King, and if I had a pair of blue seude shoes I’m sure he’d rip ’em to shreds before you could count to one-two-three o’clock, four o’clock rock.  🙂

Anyhoozle, here are some pictures.  As you can see, he practices a lot– even when he’s asleep!  And if you’re looking for an Elvis impersonator for your next event, don’t hesitate to give me a call.  Shechi does parties!


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