So I’ve been pretty busy and I’ve got a few Creative Projects to get caught up on.  I’ve still been making a creative project each week as part of my New Year’s Resolution–52 Creative Projects in 2011, just haven’t gotten around to posting them here.  Last week, for Creative Project #19, I made a silent film starring my awesome dog Shechi.  Thanks to being posted on some Latvian site called ASS.lv (nice, right!?) my video has gotten over 1,000 views in the first week.  Thanks, Ass!  Yay!  Check out the video below.


For work I cover Web Video over at SocialTimes.com and part of my job includes scouring the web to find all the latest viral videos.  Over the past few weeks there have been some awesome videos with kids and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites to put a smile on your faces this weekend.  So here goes!

This first video is my pick ‘o the week.  This little kid gives a sweet inspirational speech after learning to ride a bike.  I wrote a post about the video earlier this week, which you can click here to read.  “Thumbs up for Rock ‘n Roll!”  Watch the video below and then check out more after the jump.

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This week for my weekly creative project I decided to get creative in the kitchen.  I was in the mood for soup, so I raided the cabinets and the fridge to see what I could use.

I had a bag of red lentils and some veggies so I got to work.  The result was a delicious vegetarian Red Lentil & Spinach Soup.  Sound good?  Check out the recipe and make it yourself!
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This morning one of the first things I saw was this video of baby goats “stampeding” on a wooden deck.  It put a smile on my face, so I thought I’d share it so put a smile on your face too.  Anyone know where I can get a baby goat?

This weekend was Purim and if you live in Israel then you know that Purim is one of the craziest holidays of the year (and especially in Tel Aviv).  The streets are packed with party-goers, costumed and ready to cause a ruckus.  I took advantage of the Purim craze by taking tons of pictures and getting a little creative with my costume.  I attended the annual Purim Zombie Walk, an adorable Purim Parade at the Bialik-Rogozin School, and had some fun putting together my costume (Where’s Waldo).  Read on to find out more, and check out pics and video from Purim 2011.  Woo!

On Thursday night I headed to Rothchild Blvd. in Tel Aviv to check out the Annual Purim Zombie walk.  There were all sorts of creative costumes there, including a group of friends dressed as Angry Birds and, of course, tons of Zombies.  You can view all my Purim Pictures in my Purim 2011 set on Flickr.

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For my tenth creative project of 2011, my friend Anat and I made duct tape wallets. We learned how from a YouTube video by Monkey See Videos.  It actually turned out to be a lot easier than I expected (although that tape sure is sticky!)

How do you do it?  Basically, you just have to get duct tape in a bunch of different colors (I got it from ARTA in Tel Aviv, but if you aren’t in Israel you can surely find it at any art store or hardware store).  Then, check out the video below to find out how to tape it all together to make a wallet.

Check out pictures after the jump!
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I spent last weekend on a Kibbutz on the Kinneret in Israel.  While I was there I did a lot of walking around and decided to take the opportunity to do a bit of nature photography.

The Kinneret is absolutely beautiful and so is Kibbutz Ha’on, the Kibbutz where I stayed.  There were beautiful flowers, palm trees, the beautiful Golan Heights and, of course, the sea.

So here it is–Project 9 of my 52 projects in 2011: Nature Photography at the Kinneret.

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